Seattle Acupuncture, Seattle Naturopath
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Seattle Acupuncture, Seattle Naturopath
Natural and Preventive Healthcare
• Treatment of acute and chronic illness using botanical medicine, nutrition, homeopathy, physical modalities, and counseling
• Complete physical examination/ pap smears/ allergy testing/ bloodwork/digestive analysis/hair analysis/ Vega testing
• Commonly treated disorders include chronic fatigue and adrenal dysfunction, thyroid problems, menopausal issues, back and joint pain, insomnia, digestive disorders such as IBS and food sensitivities, anxiety and depression, migraines



• Includes Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnosis and treatment
• Particularly useful for pain syndromes, fatigue, stress management, addictions and digestive issues
• Techniques using laser, moxa (application of heat), electrical stimulation, and red light therapy are available for those who prefer to avoid acupuncture needles


Equine-assisted Psychotherapy (EAP)

• This is an effective tool for emotional growth and learning
• The focus is not riding. Rather, it includes interaction with a horse that is freely loose in an enclosure
• Your body sends signals about your emotions, buried wounds or unconscious behavior which the horse can help you interpret, and if appropriate, change



Equine Experiential Learning Workshops

• Held for small groups at a peaceful farm on Vashon Island
• A variety of topics have been offered including horses and healing and spiritua connection with the horse to manifest change and personal power

Seattle Acupuncture, Seattle Naturopath
Seattle Acupuncture, Seattle Naturopath